April 9, 2019

The first time I came across Bob Proctor was back in late 2012 when I joined an MLM and was recommended to watch the Secret.

From that point forward, I was addicted to personal development. Since that day I’ve been absolutely fascinated with how powerful the human mind is.

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The subconscious mind. Affirmations. Spirituality.

As a young 18 year old college freshman I bought into the concept of mind over matter. It wasn’t hard to convince me that I could change my reality by changing my thoughts.

After a couple of years of continuing to struggle and remaining financially broke, I began to realize that something was wrong. There must be more.

After several years I figured out that I worked so hard on my mindset but I failed to develop a high income skill. Without that skill I wasn’t bringing any real value to the marketplace.

So yeah, I do believe in mindset. But I also realize that there’s another piece to the puzzle.

I do follow Bob to this day and that’s why I picked up his program and I figured I would give a review on it from somebody who has experienced Bob’s teachings for several years now.

Bob’s course is great, the mindset training is great. But you won’t acquire any real skill from it.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of this lead gen program. When I coupled my mindset with this program and built my local lead gen biz, I was on a fast track to six figures. Now I help small businesses all across the country acquire more customers.

13 Month Coaching Program – Module Review & Complaints

  1. Success Puzzle
  2. Goal Achiever
  3. Freedom Series
  4. 11 Forgotten Laws
  5. Winner’s Image
  6. Secret Science of Getting Rich
  7. You Were Born Rich

This program is made up of a series of videos created by Bob, it isn’t a one on one program.

Also, there isn’t any ongoing level of support coming from Bob. It’s just a series of videos and once you buy the program you can revisit the video series as often as you’d like.

I think the most heard complaint about Bob’s program is the repetitive nature. Some of the concepts are just repeated time and time again.

The two most popular sections of the course would have to be the Secret Science of Getting Rich and the 11 Forgotten Laws.

These are the two areas that get the most positive attention from people who have experienced this coaching program.

Personally, they were my two favorite sections of the program too.

Does The Law of Attraction (LoA) Work?

I believe that the law of attraction will only help someone to an extent.

The one very valuable thing that I took away from all my law of attraction studies was the ability to be more self-aware. Especially aware of my thoughts.

There is undoubtedly a tangible benefit and effect when you become more self-aware.

I realize that the person I am today is completely different than the person I was in 2012. The person back then couldn’t have seen the level of success that this person has.

We have battles on our journey to success. I’ve had to overcome things that I didn’t like about myself. Things that I naturally would’ve rather pushed away and ignored but knew they had to change.

There is no level of certainty in my mind for the “secret” or LoA being core reasons for the level of success I’ve seen to this point.

For me, it feels like this is a more logical explanation.

I found an incredible mentor that taught me a few high income skills and when I couple it with mindset, magic happened.

I acquired the skill of local lead generation. I use free web traffic to fuel a multiple six figure income.

Looking back to 2012, I was spending a ridiculous amount of time reading books and researching how the mind controls reality, just hoping that my life would change and I’d achieve financial goals.

Nothing ever happened. I was still as broke as I ever was.

Positive thinking doesn’t mean a damn thing unless you’re taking real action and bringing value to the market. Period.

If you think about it, many people who practice the law of attraction are actually making a ton of money teaching it.

I encourage you to go out and do some research on the most successful people in the world. See what they all have in common.

They worked their asses off for years just to develop a set of skills that set them apart from the rest of the crowd.

That’s why they’re worth billions of dollars. Those skills allowed them to do the things necessary to bring billions in value to the world.

You only get paid what you’re worth friends.

Not many of the worlds richest business people and entrepreneurs will rave about the law of attraction. They sure as hell won’t tell you it’s the reason for their success.

Mindset is the rock solid foundation. Things like positivity, opimism and self-awareness are all attributes needed to become a successful person. But just remember, there’s more.

Think about it, professional basketball players will discuss the importance of have a great mindset.

That doesn’t mean that they don’t have to spend hours upon hours upon hours in the gym to be one of the greatest of all time. The work never stops.

Making a lot of money and having financial success is no different. Honing your skills never stops.

There is no “secret” or formula out there for achieving wealth. Society has turned wealth into such a mystical concept.

It’s because society has a poor understanding of wealth creation. Nobody educates themselves on it.

People stick to their old ways and don’t want you to tell them that they don’t know something.

Wealth and riches can agitate people. They think it can only be achieved by a select few.

That last part is actually true. Only a few can do it. But it isn’t because they have superpowers or they were “chosen.”

It’s because not many people are willing to work hard enough to develop skills and a mindset.

The Elementary, Rudimentary Definition of Money

What is money? Sounds silly right?

Believe it or not most people don’t even look at money correctly. Most look at money and see paper that’s either worth one dollar or twenty dollars and equate it to something they can buy at the store.

I’ve been through many successful mentors and coaches over the last few years and here’s the greatest definition of money.

“Money is scarce, in-demand resources.”

What does that mean?

It means if you want to make a lot of money, you have to possess skills that make you scarce. In other words, skills that not many others have.

Quick example. A professional basketball player will make more money than a cop or a roofer.

There are way more people out there with the skill to be a cop or a roofer than there are people that can play basketball on a professional level.

So to this point we’ve discussed what we all must do to be entrepreneurs.

Find and master skills that can solve peoples problems.

Your income will be determined by how rare the skill is.

Don’t just work on your mindset. Always be working on both the mindset and the skill set.

It’s incredibly easy to get stuck and start spinning your tires when you’re too focused on mindset.

If you’ve done some mindset training recently or in the past, then that’s a fantastic first step. Now it’s time for you to seek out a mentor who can teach you some high income skills just like I did.

Let’s take a closer look at Bob Proctor as an example.

Bob’s been very successful and makes more money than most people. But it’s not just because of his teachings, it’s also because IMO he has a very effective and elite skill.

The art of persuasion.

He’s a high level communicator. He’s has an innate ability to convey his messages in very captivating ways to get people excited and following his concepts.

That is the skill that makes him the money and led him to success IMO. He touches the lives of so many people because of his ability to persuade and influence

Not mental exercises.

Honestly, some of these skills just aren’t for all people out there.

Enter natural born talents.

Athletics is probably the most obvious example of God given talent showing itself in a professional setting. In sports, players are put in position to succeed based on their natural gifts (maybe height or speed).

But entrepreneurship is no different. We have to take advantage of what we’re good at to get ahead.

School doesn’t teach us these things. And people wonder why most of society is crippled by money.

In Conclusion

There are some success principles here that I believe are beneficial to practice.

But take it from me, a guy who has experience, it’s a huge mistake if you walk away thinking these mindset principles will be all you need to succeed in life.

Especially your financial success.

That’s like telling yourself that you can play professional basketball because you’ve got your mind right. When in reality you haven’t played basketball since you were in elementary school.

Sounds ridiculous.

It doesn’t matter how much you visualize what you want in your life, if you don’t practice and exercise the skills to get it, it won’t happen.

Many people have work ethic and positive outlooks naturally, but what they lack is the high-level skill.

I’ve completely reversed how I spend my time. Back in the day I would spend 85% of my time on mental exercises. I was broke.

Nowadays, I spend 85% mastering skill sets like ranking websites and generating leads for local businesses. I’m not broke anymore, not even close.

For me, there’s been a correlation between me increasing my skill level and increasing my income level.

I like Bob Proctor’s products, I think they’re great. In this program I particularly enjoyed the Secret Science of Getting Rich and the 11 Forgotten Laws.

It really isn’t that hard to change your mindset but you have to be at a place in your life where you’re ready to go all in for success.

Honestly, many people aren’t willing to go all in and commit to their dreams.

Get yourself a mentor that will teach you a high income skill!

Could be several things. eCommerce. Digital marketing. Speaking. Sales.

Whatever it is that intrigues you.

Too many people in this world live a life full of fear. That’s why they never pull the trigger and chase what they want.

You should start making proactive decisions because if not then future circumstances will make those decisions for you.

People want everything to stay the same. No change. Same and stable.

Go back and study history. Look for the cyclical nature of how life goes. It’s almost like the seasons changing.

Devastating economical situations as well.

Having a job with a set salary is no more secure than being an entrepreneur IMO.

As an employee, if you’re company goes under and you’re out of a job then what? You say you go get another one with a steady salary.

I, as an entrepreneur, am consistently working on improving and adding to my skill set. Skills that nobody can take away from me.

Skills that allow me to get paid what I’m worth to the world. And if I’m doing it right then this means an increasing income.

It’s important to be self-aware and keep limiting beliefs in check but it’s just as important to develop those skills. Those two will equal high income.

The skill that allowed me to accomplish my early financial goals was generating leads for local small business owners.

I went from making $1,800/mo to $10,000/mo in short order. This coaching program taught me everything I needed to get there.

Many people have the philosophies about wealth and success but then ya gotta move on to practical skills that allows you to service other people’s needs.

Your skill set is the determining factor in your income potential.

IMO many practitioners of the law of attraction take the idea too far. They think our thoughts are way more powerful than that actually are.

It’s important to be aware of how the world operates and act accordingly. You need to be able to put yourself in advantageous positions.

Money will flow to the skills. Period.

I’m so happy I found lead generation using free traffic because the skill set is in high demand (leads/customers are the lifeblood of any business).

Also, it’s very scarce because few people actually know how to beat the search engines.

We build very simple lead generation web sites like the one below. I build it, rank it and then rent the leads to business owners in the area. Simple as that.

The one below is a pool site that I built around the same time that I quit my 9 to 5. It’s been bringing me $650/mo for over two years now on auto-pilot.

I went from grinding away at a 9 to 5, to being my own boss.

Making my own hours.

Taking vacation when I want, where I want.

New car.

Feel free to click here if you’d like to learn more about the program that’s completely changed my life.

About the author 

Shiv Aiyar

About Shiv Aiyar Ever since I was in high school, I knew the 9 to 5 job life was not for me. I’ve tried every online biz model under the sun as well as MLM opportunities. My search ended when I found the lead generation business by Dan & Ippei. Being able to rank sites in Google, get free organic traffic & generate leads for small businesses is one of the best skills you can have to start making real income online in 2019. Click here to find out more info about Dan & Ippei’s coaching program on lead gen. You can follow me on Instagram here.

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