by lppei

December 14, 2018

I started my SEO based digital marketing business in 2014, I’ve been self-employed ever since. I got 50 clients paying me monthly, making $50Kper month with my expenses at around $5K so I’m netting $45K per month.

In this article, I’d like to talk about the best way I’ve found to leverage your SEO skills to build a long-term online business.

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Inside look of how 6300 students are learning to earn passive income online by ranking simple websites that generate leads for small businesses.

I’ll discuss why just doing SEO as a service for another person’s website is a bad idea.

What challenges you’ll face trying to build a SEO business?

Why transitioning your SEO business into a lead generation business is the better way to go.

I’ll make my case as to why investing in your SEO skills to make sure you can beat other SEO companies in the rankings is your #1 priority before you even think about starting a SEO business.

For me, it was this course that taught me not only how to have high-level SEO skills but to also do lead generation with that skill. I stand behind this course.

It helped me make money online with digital properties like these…

Anyway let’s get into it.

Can You Learn SEO Skills On Your Own?

Here’s what I’ve found about SEO.

Before I actually invested in a course that taught me SEO, I was trying to do it all on my own.

Big mistake!

My sites would jump up couple pages and then move back a page, eventually it would get stuck on a page and never make it to page 1.

I realized that just learning how to do SEO for free online and implementing those strategies wasn’t going to be enough because everyone else was doing those same things.

It wasn’t till I was introduced to higher-level SEO training, did I fully realize that there’s level to this game. 

No different in martial arts, there’s a big difference between a black belt and a purple belt.

I’ve come to understand the importance of creating a process in which you can create high-quality backlinks to a site that’s got niche relevance in the link structures.

We’re not talking about guest posts or begging other people to give you links, which can be such a time consuming, frustrating process.

But how about building an entire network of other powerful domains that you own where you can create your own backlinks at will?

And then automating this process with a team that can go out and handle all the intricacies of fabricating real authority to your site that Google loves?

We all automatically assume someone as an influence if they have tons of followers on social media right?

What if you were looking for the best attorney in town and this one attorney had thousands of other attorneys following him/her?

You would automatically regard this person as the authority.

Well what if I told you, Google’s algorithm worked in a very similar fashion?

What if you were trying to rank a plumbing site and you could fabricate backlinks (votes) from other plumbing site back to your site.

What if I told you inside our seo lead generation coaching program, we leverage the power of having over 3000 students to our advantage and get these kinds of links from other students with their own plumbing sites.

This is just 1 of the other 5 key strategies we utilize to consistently dominate the local rankings in Google. 

These strategies are continually evolving as well because with 3000 students we are able to aggregate so much data on a daily basis on what’s the latest & greatest strategies that allows us to leapfrog over other competition.

Now are you beginning to see how detrimental the line of thinking that you can try to learn and do SEO on your own can be?

Without having any confidence in your abilities to rank a site, then you have no business trying to start a SEO business.

The Biggest Challenge When Starting a SEO Business is Building Your Credibility!

So let’s you went out there and trained your skills in SEO and now have some level of confidence in being able to rank websites.

Now the real challenge to actually build a profitable SEO business is how would any business owner trust their money to someone they’ve never met?

How can they trust you to produce leads for them?

The best way to solve this dilemma is to actually forget about trying to land SEO clients altogether.

Instead do lead generation is instead!

Why Lead Generation Is The Best Way To Monetize Your SEO Skills 

With a lead generation business we’re still using elite level SEO skills to rank websites but instead of trying to rank other people’s sites, we rank our own websites at the top of Google.

Put a tracking phone number on it and simply sell the leads (phone calls or email quote requests) to a local business owner.

This is what one of my lead generation website looks like that’s been making me $2000 per month since 2015.

Why is this substantially better than trying to land SEO clients?

  • Because we own the website and phone number, we have full control. Our clients cannot leave us. They have to keep paying us monthly if they want to keep getting the leads from us. (This creates long-term passive income)
  • Because we put in the upfront work required to rank the site and get the leads first, we can send free leads to businesses to earn their trust before we even speak to them. So by the time we reach out to them, they’re already eager to speak to us. (This means you can land clients with no case studies, results speak louder than anything else you can say)
  • If a client goes sideways on us, we have the ability to replace that client. Its just as simple as going into our tracking phone number software and changing who we’re redirecting the calls to.
  • Leads are easily understood by every business owner as a majorly important thing for their business, SEO often times isn’t. Some biz owners don’t even know what SEO stands for.
  • Far less ongoing work required to keep your clients, no more monthly reports or constantly re-selling yourself to your client so they don’t cancel your SEO contract. My clients keep paying me month after month and I haven’t talked to some of ’em in like 2-3 years. Because every lead is tracked, they can clearly see every month exactly how much more money they’re making because of my leads. My leads do all the talking for me.

Oh did I mention, how awesome it is to keep getting paid month after month from a website that I built 4 years ago, because my clients know that if they don’t then I can easily send the leads to their competitors?


The question you gotta ask yourself is why do you want to start a SEO business?

My goal with an internet business was to create something that was going to give me tons of freedom: location independence and time freedom.

Not create a business that was going to turn into another job for myself.

I’ve noticed that with SEO clients, it required a lot of ongoing work to keep them happy. Schmoozing them and constantly be at their beckon call.

And you are always fearing the day that they might pull the plug and cancel the contract.

In my experience, most SEO clients at most stick around till around 6 months mark.

They might then cancel your contract because they get impatient with the results or worse yet, you’ve got them rankings and now they feel like they no longer need you.

Then you have to bust your butt to find a new client. 

It’s a very churn & burn kind of business.

There is a way better way.

I discovered it by going through this coaching program.

Instead of ranking other people’s sites, you simply rank your own and simply sell the leads that your site generates.

Now there are some key components to this business that most SEOs don’t know such as importance of call tracking software, ability to create multiple Google Map listings, dominating local directories, etc

But at the end of the day because we are able to send free leads to someone for however long as we want, we can virtually convince any business owner to want to do business with us.

Because we can deliver customers and help them make money without asking for any money upfront.

And once they’re getting the leads from us, they cannot afford to lose those leads to their competitor, so they have to keep paying us because we own the site.

We call this the golden handcuff method.

It’s all about being able to deliver value first though.

And watch as your clientele begins to blow up, not only that but be able to garner serious respect from your clients which means they’ll begin referring you to all their business friends.

Are we still using SEO in our lead generation business?

Sure we are.

Actually we have very high-level SEO skills. (that’s how we get most of our leads anyway)

But we took it to a whole nother level by making sure that our SEO efforts was going to pay us over and over again long-term.

We have the upperhand in the relationship with our clients.

It wasn’t easy to stitch together this business model but we have now mastered it to the point where we are able to teach everyday regular people just like you how to truly build a successful online business with lead generation.

Almost without exception, my SEO clients eventually left me.

But my lead generation clients? They’ve never left. Still paying me to this day for leads that’s being generated by sites that I made back in 2014. (Back when I started)

I now have over 88 lead generation sites out there, all across the US, making me money everyday.

It’s almost like I’m the landlord and my clients are the tenants that are paying me monthly rent to occupy my sites to get the additional business.

This is why we call this business virtual real estate.

If you wanna learn more about how we build simple lead generation websites like these

that generates passive income on auto-pilot once they’re ranked organically in Google.

And even create multiple Google Map listing for one company and seriously begin dominating your marketplace.

Then you def want to check out this lead generation coaching program.

We’re talking about putting in 10 hours of work initially into a lead generation website and having it produce $1000 per month passively, that’s $12,000 per year from 10 hours or so worth of work.

That kind of stable income simply was not possible with just doing SEO for other people or even doing SEO for affiliate marketing (saturated!).

Stable increase in income gives your business scalability.

This is how I’ve been able to steadily increase my monthly income to $50K per month using this lead generation business model.

More freedom. More vacations. More fun. More confidence.

My life has gotten so much better when I have full control over the success of my business.

Looking to start a SEO business in 2019?

For sure, shift your focus and do lead generatoin instead.

This coaching program will show you how.

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Founder/CEO lppei Leads $44K per month providing lead generation services to small businesses lppei created Journal Review for digital hustlers, industry leaders and online business owners. His #1 online business recommendation in 2019, is to build your own 6-figure lead gen biz, You can learn more here. You can follow him on Instagram here.

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