June 5, 2019

Many of the readers that follow this blog even somewhat consistently know my feelings on the local lead generation business.

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I’m a huge advocate of the business model because of my own success with it since I started in 2015.

Just check out this long post I made after 6 months of joining the program.

This is my post from 2015….you can tell I was super jacked up about it.

But it wasn’t my first experience with online business. I’ve been a part of other business models including network marketing before I even knew what local lead generation was.

I say that because I think it’s important for you as a reader to understand that I know what’s out there and I’ve experienced other models.

My local lead gen biz was just a different experience for me than the others and it’s the one that I ran with from the get-go.

I have one of my greatest mentors to thank for that, Dan.

Back in 2015 I was looking for other ways that I could make money online. This was after going through other models including network marketing.

I came across a lead generation program. I wasn’t too familiar with lead generation at the time but the idea and purpose behind it really sparked my interest.

At that point I decided to get on a quick phone call with Dan to get more information about what he was teaching his students.

Little did I know he would eventually become one of my closest friends.

After my call I thought about what we talked about and this opportunity just felt different to me.

It made complete sense to me and I was really excited about the chance to make a positive impact on the lives of business owners.

I decided to make the jump at that point, invest in myself, and I haven’t looked back since. That one decision to check out the local lead gen model completely changed my life.

The Local Lead Generation Model

Let’s talk about the local lead gen business model and what makes it so powerful.

The process looks something like this… build a website, rank that website in search engines, generate leads with free traffic, send those leads to a business owner and then collect payment from that business owners.

It’s that simple. Now you may be saying, “well I don’t know how to build a website” or “I don’t know how to rank a website.”

Guess what, neither did I back in 2015 and these days I’m making multiple 6 figures.

Building a website is a hell of a lot easier than most people think. Most believe there’s coding required on every site out there but it’s simply not true.

It’s 2019, not 2000 folks.

And the same goes for ranking that website. There’s absolutely a learning curve when it comes to ranking or search engine optimization (SEO) but once you do it once or twice it gets a lot easier.

Below is a perfect example of a simple website I built back in my early days in this business. It pays me $650 every month to this day and I haven’t touched it since then.

That’s right. I haven’t touched it.

It’s been passive income for me since 2015.

That’s why I don’t refer to these as websites, I call them assets. Digital assets.

It’s a lot like physical real estate. I own an asset and I rent it out to a business owner. I collect the check once a month.

It makes it really easy to scale your income.

After you do it the first time, you quickly realize you can do it a thousand times.

Another great thing about local lead generation is, well it’s “local.”

That means there’s a lower level of competition than many other online business models.

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want less competition when it comes to making money?

I can work with any business owner in any part of the country. There are so many markets in the US and abroad that have low competition in local markets.

The local lead gen model cannot become over-saturated because of that along with the fact that thousands upon thousands of new small businesses are launched every single year.

There will always be new business owners to work with.

That said, I believe the most valuable part of this model is the use of organic traffic. It’s completely free.

Not only does that mean you save money on paid traffic costs but it also increases your profit margins.

I don’t know about you but I like to keep as much of my hard-earned money as I possibly can.

Since my time in local lead gen I’ve been around 90% profit margins. That’s just insanity.

You’ll have a tough time finding another business that can beat those margins.

It’s all taught inside the coaching program. From building your first asset to ranking it to getting it sold to a business owner in the market.

The Coaching Program Bonuses

There are a couple invaluable perks within the program that are separate from the training.

One of those is access to a private Facebook group. At the time of writing this there are over 4,000 students in the group.

This is the ultimate source of support for any beginners or veterans building their local lead gen businesses.

Questions, comments and wins are posted throughout the day, every single day.

When I first started this was huge for me because I could communicate with and get questions answered by people who had already gone through things that I was going through.

Students post their wins daily. The group is littered with success stories.

You’ll come across many 6 and 7 figure earners that are more than willing to help newcomers to the group.

Another amazing bonus is access to two weekly training calls with Dan. Every Tuesday and Thursday in the evening.

These calls can be Q&A’s, sales training’s, technical training’s or even opportunities for motivation.

Dan’s the best sales guy I’ve ever met or come across. Also, his energy is contagious and no matter how many wins you see in the business he always reminds you that there’s always another level to hit.

Trust me, I know that from experience.

The weekly calls with Dan alone are worth the price of the program. The dude has absolutely changed my life.

My Experiences with Dan and Ippei

I came into this program and worked my ass off. My income and successes showed that in short order.

Just several months after I joined the program I started working a little bit closer with Dan.

I started providing support for the private Facebook group early on as a moderator and answered a lot of questions from students just coming into the program.

I’ve even contributed to some parts of updated training modules.

Nowadays I work a lot more closely with Dan and he’s become one of my closest friends.

I have so much to thank him for. He’s helped me completely change my life.

But he’s just one of many great people I’ve gotten close to since joining this program back in 2015.

Which brings me to Ippei Kanehara

I joined the lead generation course less than a year after Ippei did and the rest is history. The things we’ve been able to accomplish are incredible to me.

He’s my closest friend. Also, one of the best online marketers and SEO guys in the world.

We’ve both moved into a place together in California. Actually we’re about five minutes away from our mentor Dan.

We are also able to travel the world now and work from anywhere thanks to the passive income we built and an internet based business.

This is me and Ippei chillin at our Air-bnb we stayed in the Bay area for 2 weeks.

Our Air-bnb was sick

All of this possible because me & Ippei decided to we deserve more out of life and were willing to invest on ourselves to get what we want out of life back in 2014.

We’re now both multiple 6 figure earners using this local lead generation business model with even bigger things planned for the future.

This Year I spoke on stage at our annual Vegas event!

Basically I talk about how to be high performance in the lead generation business, Enjoy!

Final Thoughts

This program absolutely revolutionized my life back in 2014 to 2015. It’s really that simple.

Not only because of the income I’ve generated but the relationships that I’ve built with people like Dan and Ippei.

Having the ability to create digital assets and create passive income has allowed me to scale my income to multiple 6 figures.

These days I live life the way I want to live it.

I only answer to myself. No boss.

I take vacations to places I’ve always dreamed of going and I do it whenever I want.

I can be sitting on a sandy beach and wake up to a new payment for my leads the following day.

And my income only continues to go up but I couldn’t have done it without this program, Dan and Ippei.

If this is a business and lifestyle that sounds like something you want then you should absolutely check out the coaching program further.

I’m just a regular dude. If I can change my life, so can you.

About the author 

Shiv Aiyar

About Shiv Aiyar Ever since I was in high school, I knew the 9 to 5 job life was not for me. I’ve tried every online biz model under the sun as well as MLM opportunities. My search ended when I found the lead generation business by Dan & Ippei. Being able to rank sites in Google, get free organic traffic & generate leads for small businesses is one of the best skills you can have to start making real income online in 2019. Click here to find out more info about Dan & Ippei’s coaching program on lead gen. You can follow me on Instagram here.

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