April 19, 2019

Taylor Hiott and Kale Abrahamson built an Amazon FBA course called Nine University, more commonly known as KT Nine.

As you could probably guess, in the course you’ll learn how to build a successful Amazon FBA business from the ground up.

The course itself runs 7 weeks in length which means you can go from just starting out, to a built business in a little less than 2 months.

The program is rather detailed and extensive.

There are over seven hundred students in the program so you can rest assured that everything you’re learning has been proven by Kale and Taylor along with the success stories that have gone through as a student.

According to some reports out there, students that have gone through the course have astoundingly made over $20 million.

That’s very impressive.

The number one thing to know is how much value is packed into this thing and how detailed it is throughout.

Kale & Taylor, What’s Their Background?

These guys are both business owners who have seen massive success with the Amazon model.

They came across each other in Pittsburgh, PA and jointly started four businesses in their twenties that all went on to be successful.

Nowadays their primary focus is consulting beginners in the Amazon FBA world to scale their businesses to the same level of success that Kale and Taylor have found.

It’s noteworthy that so many of their students have gone on to find riches as Amazon sellers. They’ve helped produce some of the highest income earners in the industry.

Nine University Course Overview

Like I said before this course is very extensive as there’s 7 weeks worth of material for you to absorb.

They’ve done a fantastic job with the overall amount of content as well as the bonuses they include to give you a better perspective on the Amazon FBA world.

All of the value that’s included along with guaranteed results (if you take the necessary amount of action) result in a pretty high cost for the program.

These are the key takeaways you’ll get:

  • how to build a brand for a long-term customer base
  • product research using top notch software
  • KT Nine calls them “hacks”; teaching you to make more with less time spent
  • how to automate your listings with optimization

There will be a ton of information inside that you’ll have to digest but with this comes an accelerated learning period and store growth.

One of the best things you can find in an online course is one on one mentoring, and this has it.

Along with Q & A calls, these two features have massive value by themselves.

With what you’ve learned about how much success their students have seen, could you image what you could do with the one on one mentorship?

I’m not sure if there’s anyone better that you could learn from than these guys.

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About the author 

Shiv Aiyar

About Shiv Aiyar Ever since I was in high school, I knew the 9 to 5 job life was not for me. I’ve tried every online biz model under the sun as well as MLM opportunities. My search ended when I found the lead generation business by Dan & Ippei. Being able to rank sites in Google, get free organic traffic & generate leads for small businesses is one of the best skills you can have to start making real income online in 2019. Click here to find out more info about Dan & Ippei’s coaching program on lead gen. You can follow me on Instagram here.

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