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Everyone claims to be successful on social media these days. We dig much deeper to expose the fakers from the real. 

Best Online Business of 2021?

#1 Lead Generation

In our opinion, by far the best online business to get into in 2021. It meets all of our core criteria of what makes a business great. Scalability, high-barrier of entry, high-income skill, residual income, versatility, low overhead & more. Basically you make money by generating leads for small businesses via ranking simple websites in Google that generate FREE, organic traffic. Click here for more info.

#2 Amazon FBA

The general trend is more and more people are shopping online especially on Amazon. You can build an entire business on their platform and you don't have to do the annoying work of inventory & shipping, you can have Amazon FBA warehouses do it for you. The challenge is to find a niche that's not saturated yet and your own reliable supplier.

#3 Social Meida Marketing

There's a lot of businesses out there that's looking to expand their online pressence through various social media platforms. With the right script and prospecting strategies, you can get hired by these companies and either manage their social media for them or run paid advertising.

#4 Blogging

Take this blog for example, it makes money everyday on autopilot. But the challenge with blogging is that it takes a long time for these sites to start generating traffic since it has to rank for global keywords, plus you have to write tons of articles on a specific topic so you really have to find something that you're truly passionate in.

who we are

Biz owners that went online

A group of biz owners that owned few brick & mortar businesses (hardware store, coffee shop, auto repair shop), we wanted to figure out some side hustles and realized that the internet was the way to go because of the lifestyle of freedom that having an online biz provides. We eventually found one business model that would allow us to get out of all of our offline businesses and transition completely online. Now not only do we make more money but we can work on our laptops from anywhere in the world!

How Do I Get Started?

We found a group of entrepreneurs that had unbelieveable success. We joined their group and the rest is history. They taught us the lead generation skillset and how to quickly grow this type of business efficiently. They provide ongoing bi-weekly live coaching, softwares & CRM's, support group, live events & more. 

We've joined bunch of other programs but this group is by far the best one just in terms of leadership, on-going support & community. Not to mention we really love the lead generation business model. If you wanna find out more about how you can get started with them, click on the button below.