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Inside look of how 6300 students are learning to earn passive income online by ranking simple websites that generate leads for small businesses.

Simple websites like these that generate leads for small businesses.

We own the asset including the tracking phone number, so we have full control over who we send the leads to.

Once the website is built & ranked, your work is done.

These sites will continue to generate leads on autopilot.

It’s a win-win for you and the business owner because now they’re making more money than ever before.

So they got no issues paying you every month like clockwork.

You have the leverage, because you control the leads.

The biz owner has to keep paying you every month for them leads, if they don’t you can send the leads to their competitor.

This is why I have clients from 2014, paying me every month without fail.

This is the only truest, long term passive income that I’ve found on the internet.

We don’t pay for Facebook Ads or Adwords, all of our leads are generated organically because we got superior skills when it comes to Google rankings.

Skills that pay the bills.

Now where this lead generation business gets amazing is that its sooo scalable.

You can be sitting in your home in Texas and have clients all across the US & even other countries. (We got students in Canada, UK, Australia & more)

What does your life look like when you own 10 of these digital assets?

How about 50?

You probably found this site because you were looking up other online course reviews like Amazon, e-commerce, affiliate marketing.

I’m here to tell you that I’ve tried all those other models.

Lead generation has been the best one, by far.

Local lead generation sites are simply much easier to turn into cash-flows because instead of competing nationally or globally, all you have to do is beat out 10-15 local companies.

Keep ranking lead gen sites and watch your income grow consistently.

You can keep growing more and more assets every month, because unlike physical real estate, these sites are fairly inexpensive to set up.

I got sites from 2014 paying me every month and I haven’t touched those sites since 2014.

It’s truly a “set it & forget it” type of passive income, I would argue even more passive than physical real estate because no need to deal with annoying tenants, repairs, etc.

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